Why They're Popular

  • An Easy Rider

    The first question, of course, is why. But when you look at the new range of comfortable bikes for women, it is easy to see the answer. Women are leaving behind the contorting racing bikes that turned your body into a pretzel. With these new bikes women can ride easy, enjoying the company of friends.

  • More Social

    As anyone knows who has spent time with a group of women, they are a social bunch. The joy of these new easy to ride bikes is they are meant to allow social interaction amongst riders. With these bikes women can chat and enjoy each other's company while enjoying the thrill of the ride.

  • Accessorizing for Fun

    The other element womens comfort bikes have is you can dress them up. Add a pretty basket and head out for a day of shopping with friends. Customize it with a colorful coat of paint and other frills and your easy riding bike becomes a unique fashion statement unlike any other.

From daytime trips to weekend excursions, women are embracing these new comfortable bikes. It’s no surprise when you stop to consider how perfect these bikes are for the active young urban woman. For getting around town, heading to the beach, or just riding with friends, it is hard to beat these new comfort bikes.